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DECREE On the Subject of the Cures of Miss Van Laer and Mrs. Acar - July 2, 1949


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Andre-Marie Charue, bv the Grace of God and the Holy Apostolic See, Bishop of Namur

By virtue of the power conferred on Us by the

decree of the Holy Office, on December 7, 1942, according Us the faculty of bringing Our judg- ment to bear on the case of Beauraing, in Our ca- pacity as Ordinary thereof and of Our own au- thority :

Having seen the reports of the canonical Com- mission appointed by Us for the study of the cures of Miss Van Laer of Turnhout (in religion, Sister Pudentia of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Family) and of Mrs. Acar, nee Maric-Madelcinc Group, of St. Nicholas (Waes) in which are contained numerous testimonies judged worthy of belief, as well as some conclu-

sions of medical experts having been able freely and separately to express their opinions about the nature of the said cures;

Having considered that these attestations where the value and the authority of the reasons are in- disputable, prove, with the evidence, that Miss Van Laer and Mrs. Acar suffered from extremely grave diseases and that they had been cured instantly, perfectly and absolutely beyond curative power in case at issue to account for these sudden unexpected changes;

Whereas it has therefore been demonstrated that these cures assume the natjure of supernatural matters;

We acknowledge

1. That Miss Marie Van Laer who, for six- teen years, suffered from a serious disease, deemed incurable, of a tubercular nature, or more probably staphylococcic, in the region of the cervical vertebra and in the right leg, which had progressed to the final stage, has been immediately and absolutely cured on the twenty-fourth of June, 1933, on the day after a pilgrimage made to Beauraing for the purpose of obtaining a cure;

2. That Mrs. Acar-Group suffered from a myoma of the matrix, duly diagnosed by the at- tending physician, and found herself cured im- mediately and absolutely on July 30, 1933, on returning home from a pilgrimage made with the purpose of obtaining a cure.

Consequently, using Our power as Ordinary and taking into consideration the accounts and verdicts already sent Us by the diocesan Commission charged with canonical inquiry:

Having invoked the Holy Name of God;

We have judged and do judge, We have declared and do declare that the cures of Miss Van Laer and Mrs. Acar-Group are miraculous and that in view of circumstances in which they have taken place, they ought to be attributed to a special interven- tion of God through the intercession of Our Lady of Beauraing.

And let Our present judgment and Our declara- tion be made public for the honor of God, the glory of Our Lady, and the edification of the faithful.

Given at Namur, this second of July, 1949, on the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady.

Bishop of Namur
by the order of:
F. TOUSSAINT, Prosecretary

Source: Sharkey, Don. "I will convert sinners" : Our Lady's apparitions at Beauraing, 1932-1933. Divine Word Missionary Publications. 1957 p. 29-30

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