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DECREE Authorizing the Cult to Our Lady of Beauraing - Feb 19, 1943


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By virtue of the decree of the Holy Office, dated December 7, 1942, granting Us power to express Our judgment freely on the case of Beau- raing, in Our capacity of Ordinary thereof and of Our own authority;

By virtue of the notice of the diocesan Commis- sion, which, following the first decree of the Holy Office, dated May 30th, 1942, has resumed investi- gation of the case;

Whereas no decisive objection was stated against the supernatural and divine character of what are designated as the apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin to the children of Beauraing; but, on the contrary, the conjectures in favor of this super- natural and divine character seem very serious and the passing of the years has contributed only in making these conjectures more impressive;

Considering the current of sincere and deep devo- tion which has drawn the faithful t—oward Beau- raing during the past ten years and the numerous, often outstanding and even marvelous conversions, plus the many favors, both spiritual and ot—herwise, all linked to the event of Beau- raing the perfect orthodox character, simul- taneously real, from a doctrinal point of view, and

beneficial, of the Message of Beauraing;

Having prayed the Holy Ghost and entreated the Virgin of Mediation, full of grace, to assist Us;

We have decided and do decide as follows;

We allow the carrying on, in our diocese, of public devotions to Our Lady of Beauraing, that is, the intercession of Our Lady under that name, emphasizing the meaning of the emblems and words associated with the vi- sions to the children of Beauraing and the organization of religious ceremonies near the hawthorn of the Apparitions.

It remains, however, forbidden to publish articles relating to the incident of Beauraing,

to propagate pictures, tableaux, statues, medals, etc. of Our Lady of Beauraing. without obtaining Our authorization.

2. Anxious to comply with the customary ex- treme cautiousness of the Church in such matters, We reserve Our definite judgment on the facts of Beauraing and on their character.

3. These decisions are valuable only regarding what we customarily call the apparitions to the children of Beauraing.


Bishop of Namur Given at Namur, February 19, 1943

Source: Sharkey, Don. "I will convert sinners" : Our Lady's apparitions at Beauraing, 1932-1933. Divine Word Missionary Publications. 1957 p. 28-29

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